Frequently Asked Questions

Is fees refundable?

No. Fees is not refundable in any circumstances.

What are the facilities provided in the college for physical fitness?

To encourage health and fitness among students, we organize lot of Games within the college campus.

Is there any uniform in the college?

To maintain the corporate culture, the college has prescribed professional dress code for the students as well as for the staff members.

How you maintain proper attendance?

Attendance of students and staff members is taken on daily basis. A proper classroom attendance register is also maintained to ensure the proper attendance of the students.

Can mobile be used in the college premises?

No. Use of mobiles in college premises is prohibited to maintain proper discipline. For the convenience of the students, School Telephone is provided for outgoing calls.

How the internal functioning of the college is governed?

Internal functioning of the college is smoothly governed through the following–
College manual containing all the rules and regulations regarding various staff, departments and infrastructures available in the college.
Various committees are formed to conduct the college activities such as cultural committee, competition exam cell, sports committee, placement support cell and students advisory bureau etc.